Writing Your Logline and Synopsis

A logline conveys the concept of your script, its beating heart. While a logline relates the strength of your idea, it’s not the execution. Execution shines through in your synopsis. Use both a logline and synopsis to plan, then market your script. … More Writing Your Logline and Synopsis


Basic Steps to Schedule and Budget Your Movie

After creating a great story, time and money are the ultimate components contributing to getting your project made. This is the first article in a short series on basic scheduling and budgeting for your TV show, web series, or movie. Scheduling and budgeting are essential skills you can understand and learn. Whether you are a writer, … More Basic Steps to Schedule and Budget Your Movie

Unlike anything else

When I was young, I was afraid to stick out. But what I liked about favorite books and friends, were their differences. We’re all unique and yet so alike. How to reconcile the importance of both our similarities and our differences? Similar So, genetically we’re pretty similar. Every human shares 99 percent of his or her DNA … More Unlike anything else

Writer Challenge: Read a Script a Day for 21 Days

Writers are often readers. We learn through practice and exposure to good writing, as well as writing that needs improvement. So for those of us working in movies and TV writing, we should be reading, reading, reading scripts. As much as possible, in a way that doesn’t interfere with the progress of our own writing. … More Writer Challenge: Read a Script a Day for 21 Days

That time of year….

To watch Chick Flicks! My top favs: Bridesmaids Legally Blonde 50 First Dates Steel Magnolias Love, Actually (I include Alien in here, since the lead protagonist was our heroine, and the villain, also a chick. Quite a badass actually)  

Beginning Feature Film Writing – Writing To Shoot

Writing to shoot is a fun, achievable goal.  Whether you are a screenwriter, or a hyphenate such as writer-director, or actor-writer-producer, there is a benefit to learning to writing a feature film with the goal of shooting it. In the context of your goals, here are some points we’ll consider: Why it’s important Your role … More Beginning Feature Film Writing – Writing To Shoot