Show, meet business!

You’re creative, therefore, you’re an entrepreneur – working and playing at the intersection of show meets business, stage and screen, managing and performing.

A Flick Chick is a resource for writers, filmmakers, creatives and media makers to learn where movies, media, entertainment and business intersect.

Topics include:

  • Time and effort management
  • Brain and heart balance
  • Creating business strategies
  • Avoiding overwhelm
  • Screenplay writing
  • VR / AR / AI
  • Marketing
  • Diversity is the new normal
  • TV taking over the world
  • New models of filmmaking
  • Movie and media industry trends

All to help you find new opportunities, motivation, inspiration and practical encouragement. We meet here to learn and share how to take advantage of trends to improve, promote and sell our media work in the rapidly changing world – whether film, TV, VR video, animation, or branded content.

Writer/Producer Paula Landry, MBA is obsessed with media & movies, creating strategies to fuse business & creativity in the community of #filmdreamers #mediaentrepreneurs & #creativeartists. Landry believes that effective media connects people, working with writers and filmmakers to improve storytelling, create and sell better scripts and films. In addition to her books: Scheduling and Budgeting Your Film, A Panic-Free Guide, 2nd Ed.; The Business of FILM, 2nd Ed, with Stephen Greenwald; and Sell Your Screenplay, 2nd Ed. with Marilyn Horowitz, Landry teaches media business seminars and MBA courses in NYC, and is the Director of the Media Management MBA at Metropolitan College in NY. If you’re a flick-obsessive writer/filmmaker, contact her on LinkedIn, @aflickchicknyc on IG on @paulalandry on Twitter, or via