She-reader, default feminine

For a Woman to conquer herself is the first and noblest of all victories. (Plato speaking as a woman) #shereader


Hi! First, thanks for stopping by. I’m doing an experiment, calling it the SheReader, where a passage of famous is adjusted – with the default pronoun as her and she. A new way of thinking – default-feminine.


Next, said I, compare our nature in respect of education and its lack to such an experience as this. Picture women dwelling in a sort of subterranean cavern with a long entrance open to the light on its entire width. Conceive them as having their legs and necks fettered from childhood, so that they remain in the same spot, able to look forward only, and prevented by the fetters from turning their heads. Picture further the light from a fire burning higher up and at a distance behind them, and between the fire and the prisoners and above them a road along which a low wall has been built, as the exhibitors of puppet shows have partitions before the women themselves, above which they show the puppets.

All that I see, she said.

See also, then, women carrying past the wall implements of all kinds that rise above the wall, and human images and shapes of animals as well, wrought in stone and wood and every material, some of these bearers presumably speaking and others silent.

A strange image you speak of, she said, and strange prisoners.

Like to us, I said. For, to begin with, tell me do you think that these women would have seen anything of themselves or of one another except the shadows cast from the fire on the wall of the cave that fronted them?

How could they, she said, if they were compelled to hold their heads unmoved through life?

And again, would not the same be true of the objects carried past them?


If then they were able to talk to one another, do you not think that they would suppose that in naming the things that they saw they were naming the passing objects?


And if their prison had an echo from the wall opposite them, when one of the passers-by uttered a sound, do you think that they would suppose anything else than the passing shadow to be the speaker?

By Zeus, I do not, said she.

Then in every way such prisoners would deem reality to be nothing else than the shadows of the artificial objects.

Quite inevitably, she said.

Consider, then, what would be the manner of the release and healing from these bonds and this folly if in the course of nature something of this sort should happen to them. When one was freed from her fetters and compelled to stand up suddenly and turn her head around and walk and to lift up her eyes to the light, and in doing all this felt pain and, because of the dazzle and glitter of the light, was unable to discern the objects whose shadows she formerly saw, what do you suppose would be her answer if someone told him that what she had seen before was all a cheat and an illusion, but that now, being nearer to reality and turned toward more real things, she saw more truly? And if also one should point out to him each of the passing objects and constrain her by questions to say what it is, do you not think that she would be at a loss and that she would regard what she formerly saw as more real than the things now pointed out to her?

Far more real, she said. (Republic VII)


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Photo by Xan Griffin on Unsplash


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