In VR/360 Movies and Life, Technology RULES

Technology rules us, our stories, the movie and media industry. If you don’t like it, maybe grab a pencil, pad and go write a book.

306H.jpgTHE EXPERIENCE: 360-Degree and Virtual Reality enable audiences to look all around them – where there may be story and events in any direction. 360 puts the viewer inside the story, and Virtual Reality does that and also allows a level of interaction for the audience.

ACCESSIBLE: The cameras at this point range in price from hundreds to hundreds of thousands – as well as on the editing side – so filmmakers at different levels can try this out.

PRACTICAL CONSIDERATIONS: about the technology right now.

STITCH: Whether for 360 or VR – live action video is shot with multiple camera lenses or a rig of multiple cameras. After shooting, the footage from each lens or camera must be “stitched” together. Plan your story to occur on the ‘mainstage’ staying away from stitch lines. Rigs at this point can vary from 2 lenses and up, so if you’re not experienced ‘choreographing’ where you think the camera will be, make it easy on yourself and assume 2 lenses or 4. Are you directing this? Yes, in fact you are in some respects, along with your audience as they watch.

RESPECT THE NECK: Just because you can write a story that happens up, down, over here, back, sideways, imagine yourself as the viewer and don’t make them work too hard, swiveling their eyes constantly, craning their necks every which way. Your story shouldn’t cause motion sickness.

OPEN WITH ORIENTATION: Your first story moments should allow the viewer time to look around the space and understand where they are.

RESOLUTION: Much like stitch lines, it’s not always great, and will improve.

VIEWER CONSUMPTION: Via desktop, mobile device, with or without headsets. The user experience will vary depending on how they watch your film.


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